How it Works


Masterblock is a patented ‘complete’, tongue and groove building system. Each block weighs approximately 220lbs and measures 32” long x 12” high X 11” deep*. (*7” concrete x 4” ASTM approved foam)

The block has a finished exterior and a drywall ready interior.

Specialized blocks for lintels, corners and off cuts are also available.


Chose the installation option that is best for you!

  • Purchase and install Masterblock yourself, or with the help of a contractor.
  • Have Master’s Supply Company install the ENTIRE exterior wall system for you, including all materials.

The Process

1. Design

2. The Building Process

  • Prepare your building site;
  • Form and lay the foundation as per code and rough out plumbing;
  • Carry on… or leave the rest to us!
  • Drill holes every 16” into the foundation and place a patented StrongBloc epoxy capsule in each one;
  • Reinforce structure with rebar horizontally every 12”;
  • Frame windows and doors to plans;
  • Once the walls are to roof height insert vertical rebar into pre-drilled holes at 16” intervals to release epoxy;
  • Back-fill the block cavities with patented Masterblock high-strength epoxy grout;
  • Install the double pressure treated top-plate.

3. The Finishing Touches

  • In as little as TWO WEEKS your home can be readied for roofing, interior framing, electrical, plumbing and HVAC;

A 40 Hour House Build

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The Benefits

  • Our patented Masterblock system is verified HURRICANE RESISTANT to wind loads of 220+ mph;
  • The unique chemically sealed foam insulation eliminates mold and is 40 to 60% more energy efficient;
  • Masterblock is a ‘complete’ building system making it significantly faster to construct and finish than a traditional build;
  • The blocks have a R Factor of 30 and depending on use, a R Value of 16 to 22;
  • The system is fire resistant and seismically tested;
  • Completely sealed using a patented high-strength epoxy grout, the walls are insect resistant and noise cancelling;
  • Masterblock is the only building system that uses pre-stressed re-bar from slab or footing to top of wall;
  • Unlike CMUs, Masterblock is highly resistant to cracks or structural damage;
  • Masterblock is available in a range of color stamped exteriors exterior or a grooved exterior for stucco or stone type finish.
  • Masterblock has a PSI ratio of between 4,000 and 4,500 as compared to a traditional cement block, which depending on the batch might have a PSI ratio as low as 1,200, maximum 2,000;
  • Ballistic testing has proven that the blocks are impermeable to shots fired from a high-powered rifle, such as a 300 Winchester magnum;
  • Build up to 6 stories;
  • Low maintenance, built to last.

300 Win Mag Ballistic Test